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Tuesday, April 26, 2005



Your words and your knitting projects always inspire me. You are probably the only one who keeps me knitting ... someday I may be able to do it like you! And the bunnies are awesome.


Bunnies! How wonderful to get to see your photos. We have had two house rabbits over the years; the last one now lives at the childrens' center where my daughter works and is a treasured pet for all of the kids. I am excited to try the Branching Out scarf now that I have seen your results.


Those baby bunnies are so cute. Isn't it funny about the nest though? I guess Mother Nature doesn't always function on auto-pilot. Lucky bunnies that they have you to care for them.


Gosh are you a busy one! The little wee ones look just adorable. I wish I could see them in person! I am definitely NOT ready to mate mine, even though I think they would make great looking babies!

You finished that scarf really quickly, and it looks GREAT!!


You are a great bunny grandma/mommy. The babies are adorable. And your knitwork is beautiful.

W. :)


I appreciate this quote - very nice. And bunny baby - not knowing a thing about bunny babies I learned a lot about raising them. Very pretty babies. Will look forward to seeing them in action :-) Lovely FOs too.


Can't help ya with the computer stuff. Everyone around here thinks I'm a wiz because of the blog! LOL! Little do they know how easy Typepad is.
Wow! What a difference a week makes in a bunny. Definitely looking cute now.
And, my.... you've been busy! The Paprika and the scarf are terrific. Can't wait to see the Paprika modeled on you!!!


Dreamweaver - hands down(for speed but learning curve can be steep), but to be honest, you still need to be able to hand code - so you might think about just using Homesite (much cheaper) - and if you haven't done much of it lately, getting up to speed on XHTML and web standards might be helpful too. The bunny babies are just wonderful!


Beautiful babies! They are very pretty!

I code by hand, using Notepad, in HTML. Coding by hand gives you more control over your page.

You have to learn the HTML language, though. Search for "HTML tutorial", or "web design tutorial" on Google. That's how I learned.

I've heard Dreamweaver is good - own it, but haven't installed it. No need to!


You should never hesitate to put your beautiful quotes on your blog. I can't imagine who could possibly be offended by those words.

The bunnies are adorable. :)


Thank you for posting the bunny pictures, it really made my bad day better.


More babies!
I love coming here.....
it is like my birthday every time you post baby pictures


Those bunnies are soooo incredibly cute. Stop tempting me!!

I love your Branching Out scarf...thinking that might be my first lace project ever!


Cute rabbits! I love Paprika!! Can't wait for your finish. Your day of shopping sounds heavenly...


Oh what lovely bunnies! Planning to cast on Branching Out today so I was very pleased to your beautiful finished scarf. Really enjoy the quotes.


Wow! You've been busy Kim! The bunnies are simply adorable. Amazing difference from a week ago. Paprika is Gorugeous, as is the Branching Out scarf. You're making me want to finish up my rovings from you and get knitting! :)


Frontpage has worked well for me, but a lot of hosts don't work with Frontpage extensions and you have to work around that. Otherwise it's just like using a word processor.

Love the bunny pics; I'm getting ready to put in nest boxes and start the countdown for the litters I'm hoping for here!

Truth is truth and beauty is beauty, no matter what religion the glorious words come from.


Your scarf looks simply wonderful! And your cardigan too! Wow! You are cranking out the FO's.

The color of the new little ones is really showing up well now! I know you are hoping for a repeat of Glinda - both her color and her personality!!

Laura Y

Paprika looks good and you just tempted me with Branching Out. :) The rabbit babies are so adorable! I didn't know there are so many things involved with the mother and the babies. Over here at the tropical countries, they get no wool and hay and things like that. Most likely a nice soft piece of cloth and recycled paper I think.


I just love your blog. Thanks for posting the cute pics of baby rabbits. It satifies my need for a baby bunny fix without ME having to breed any. What is the greenery on your April 13th entry? It looks alot like something I have in my garden I can't identify. :-) Mine has purple hooded flowers when it blooms. I also love your scarf.


I look forward to the quotes. Paprika looks wonderful.
Have fun in Concord.


Oh they are soooo amazing! And they look completely different, if i might say, much cuter. Have fun shopping! I read about the Elegant Ewe in Knitter's Stash.


Ooooooo, they are cute!! My two favorites: both in the row of 4 bunnies, the one to the far left and the one to the far right. :)

Nice looking Paprika!

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