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Monday, April 04, 2005



I'm all for a new neutral and anything in the red family has my vote! Oh the puppies, they grow up so quick! Well, we've had both signs of spring here too--flooding and flowers. The latest thing to bloom in my yard are the forsythia.


Lily still likes her crate, even though my bed is her favorite place to curl up! It's handy when people come or there's too much activity, like our current moving days. Lily heads willingly to the crate with just a suggestion from me.

Love the colors in your pictures, including beautiful dog faces! Hope mud season is short!


Everything is so beautiful in this post! Love the paprika yarn, love the vest & I adore those little puppies. They are so cute!


What beautiful babies. Crate training really is the way to go. We crate trained our lab, of course he trained really, really quickly and then became our bedmate at 10 weeks. Oh how long ago that seems and he's only 1 1/2.


Oh, I love your vest -- and paprika -- and puppies!! I have Folk Vests and can't decide which to make first.


I just got a small kit from Morehouse for a beret - their yarn is WONDERFUL! That scarf will be gorgeous.

Crate training is the best - it really sets some boundaries for them. Our old border collie used to pop the lock from the inside on his, but then we'd find him curled up inside sleeping when we got home. He just DID NOT want that door closed. (sigh..... that was SO like him).


Love that paprika yarn and the pattern! And the puppies!!


We are crate trainers also, and even though we don't use them for our older dogs anymore, they always choose to sleep with their bodies half under the sofa or a bed, or in a small corner. And, we have very well-behaved dogs, which I think is a result of the crate also. The pups are beautiful. I'd just love to hold an armful of them! I am also just loving your new neutral....what a great color. I can't think of any color that can't be worn with "paprika!"
Have a great week!

Mary Beth

Such a great Spring post - I'm feeling like it may come afterall! You must be so proud of the puppies, looking so healthy.

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