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Wednesday, April 13, 2005



What a beautiful post. It was a pleasure to read.

Sorry to see the puppies go where you can't show us any more puppy pictures, but happy for them that they're going to loving homes.

Hope Mouse doesn't get too lonely without her siblings.


The fleece is just beautiful as are the spindles (drool!!) and the puppies - Oh how I wish I could have just one!


Oh, thanks.... thanks a lot Kim! lol. I have a ton to catch up on but now I want to go play with my Skyline fleece!! lol. It's a grey day here in Germany though, so I'll wait for a sunny one to scour. Maybe I could just do a little like you did. lol. The pups are as adorable as ever!


Thank you for the enjoyment your wise and thoughful words bring. The reason I will never breed either dogs or bunnies is because I know I would never be able to let either go. Sorry about the finger and I hope it heals soon.


oooh - i had bookmarked Skylines Farm a while ago... i LOVE those farm pictures. Your post inspired me to go back and finally place an order! not a whole fleece, but 1 lb of Sydney Roving is whisking its way to me right now. i'm very excited. :)


Thank you for the fleece pics. As a non-spinner (for the time being anyway) I love learning about the process of fleece becoming yarn. I can't wait until MS&W to learn even more.

It makes me sad to see just three little pups in the pic, but I know how carefully you select the homes they will go to and that all four darlings will be well loved. And that Mouse, what a face!


I am so glad you will be keeping mouse for a while, I adore her you know.
also I hope your hand feels better, I am always doing stuff to myself so I can more then sympathize
ps: kiss the pups for me please and scratch behind their ears?


I'm loving the spring, too. Today was the first day I planted anything in the garden (yay!!!). April is a favorite month, especially since there are no blackflies! Love your fleeces...I'm feeling jealous!


Having the windows open and the breeze blow through with the birds outside singing up a storm...spring is heaven (not to mention all the beautiful blossoms).
Hope your finger heals very quickly!!

julia fc

So happy to see how lovely those fleeces are. I'm hoping to pick up a nice one at Denmark: hope to see you there! I remember the puppies leaving when we had shepherds. It's so sad to say bye bye. But having been on the other end of that equation when George came by plane from Toronto, I remember what a great happiness it was when I saw him for the first time, little puppy with such a perfect little form, so soft and sweet smelling. Oh, I could have another puppy in a heartbeat. It's a joy to be shared.


Thanks for all the pictures! I have a hard time imagining the finished product at first glance at a dirty fleece. The yarn will be beautiful.


Nice that Spring has finally arrived in New England, enjoy! Baby bunnies won't be here for another two weeks, and then I will feel that it is spring for sure!


Thank you for your uplifting (and informative!!!) post!


I want your life.period.and when that elann gets some more of that wool I am going to get some paprika..hear that people I am getting the paprika so dont touch it!

Mary Beth

What a gift your post was! I love seeing the process from fleece to usable fiber. Thanks, Kim!

Laura Y

I always learn things from your entries...:) Thanks. Hug the puppies goodbye for me when they find new homes. I miss them already.


your post was beautiful and inspiring, thank you


It is SO hard to let such cute faces go! But you have so many more to give hugs and extra attention to - which kinda helps make up for it...maybe...a little?

Enjoy spring in New England. It is truly magical. :)

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