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Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Helen in NH

WOWwweeeeeee !! Paprika is stunning ! And the scarf is a dream. How in the ever lovin' do you DO it all?



My, you have had alot going on! THe puppies, the bunnies...your knitting...Wow! Of course, I think on of the best things you mention is "three uninterrupted hours" at the yarn shops! How cool is that? Have fun!


I remember so well having baby bunnies when I was a kid. Glad that the mud is gone and the pups have a chance to be outside again. All this and knitting too! What a wonderful spring.


Oh my goodness...so much going on. Beautiful bunnies and dogs, and wonderfully creative designs. I always enjoy my visits here. Keep up the great work. :)


Are minds are on the same wave length..i just posted about our beloved blackflies. Congratulations on the baby bunnies. I can't wait to see future pics. You sure have enough to keep you busy besides knitting. The scarf is gorgeous.


Woohoo, congratulations on the baby bunnies. You take the best photos :)

Laura Y

Oooo, I've been waiting for this post..:) Love the colors for both your works. One is such a warm color and the other is so sweet.
Baby rabbits! I saw a few the other day when I took my dog to the the vet. They look so fragile and delicate. And your puppies look so happy and active! I'm sure they had fun out at the field.


My neighbor's French Angora just had 9 wee little ones. More fun to visit them than to care for them.

The scarf looks wonderful!


ohmigosh, they are so tiny and hairless - I had to embiggen the photo in order to see them! How cool. Paprika is looking really nice. The scarf is going to be really nice too.

L. Olech

As a hopeful, future owner of two of your doe bunnies...congratulations. I can't wait to see them grow. Lisa O....Ashland, NH. :)....can't you hear those black flies, yawning and stretching!!!


You are absolutely amazing ... so calm and caring in the midst of birthing animals. It's very touching - really.


Hi, Kim. I wanted to let you know that I just forwarded an email sent in March to kimscavs @ verizon .net . The only part I will recap here is a big THANK YOU! for the beautiful red scarves and hat that you contributed to the project, and the soap, too! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Generous knitters like you have made the this project overwhelmingly successful.


Yes'm, the countdown to the pesky blackflies, so we've been doing all those outside things, too. Can't wait to see your bunnies when they get some fuzz on them...they look like little pink sausages. :)


How DO you do it?! lol. Holy guacamole, you just got to sort of relax after the pups! Hard to believe there are six baby bunnies in that picture. Can't wait to watch them grow. I think I've realized that I don't need to follow my dream and work to have my own farm! I can just watch yours grow and let you do all the work!! lol! ;-)


Congratulations to you and Bonnie on the new litter! I'm still waiting here; love it when new babies arrive!

I remember the black flies; picture an innocent (and ignorant) Southerner's first year with them in Maine! Great that you're getting such a lovely Spring and can enjoy it!

Beautiful colors in the knitting; I'm green with knitting envy!

claudia k

Nice bunnies! Kudos to you all :)


OMG, those baby bunnies are so teensy weensy! You'll keep us updated on their progress, right? Pleeeeeeeeease??

Mary Beth

Born on my son, Charlie's 9th! (Hope she had an easier time of it than I did.) Congrats! :)


Ya know... you are right - that is a fantastic colorway in your handspun. I am really enjoying finishing up the "chocolate mint". My brain said it was done, but I had only gotten to 2 out of the 6 ounces I bought. Must be getting old or something.

Congrats on the new babies!


you just made my day a little bit brighter
I know I can count on you for that
thank you so very much


Wow - your sweater looks practically done! And it ~is~ a great color.


Ooooo, they are so tiny. Hope we get a peek as they grow. It's cold and rainy here so enjoy your balmy spring!

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