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Saturday, March 12, 2005



I've enjoyed reading your blog, but I think that animal breeders should work to discourage others from breeding animals irresponsibly.

So it's be great if you had a link to the House Rabbit Society, just in time for Easter. And maybe another for the Humane Society?

Thanks, and good luck with your projects!

Kai Jones

OMG those beautiful puppies! I want a puppy! My last dog died 2 years ago and I'm just about ready for another.


My goodness! Those poor pups! It must be taller than they are!

Hang in there, spring will come. As the Yarn Harlot said, it always does. Only one more week of winter left!


Say it with me.
"Spring has to come. Spring always comes. Spring will come".


Just finished cleaning up our 12 to 14 inches. Boy...it was a heavy batch of snow. The picture is beautiful though.


We're tired of it here, too. Luckily we only got 8" after a forecast of 12-16", which was fine by me. In January it's beautiful. By March, definitely a nuisance. Hope it melts quickly!


The days are getting longer, it has to stop snowing soon.

We (SW Michigan) have about 6 inches of snow.

This morning it was 10 degrees F. I didn't realize how cold it was until the little dogs refused to walk anymore and started waving their feet around in the air.

Would love to see more puppy pictures.


wow! what beautiful snow! (I know you want spring, but herre in San Diego, we just don't get any of THAT!) I have to say I absolutely loved your Cycle post...boy, you struck a chord with me describing your extreme doing one way with fibers, crafts, food, books (my biggie), etc.!!! your inspiring me to simplify, too!!! Oh, thank you for sharing the 4 wk puppies first venture! It causes me to visualize how my 7 mos. golden was at 4 wks! ;) (I got her at 8 wks)


I know exactly how you feel.
Every time the snow melts and I see the tips of the crocus.....another 'snow event' comes along.
ah, well that's what I get for living in the snow BELT.... ( where did that term come from, doesn't a belt hold things BACK? or up?)
who misses the puppy pictures, but then,....I am greedy


I hate to tell you how beautiful it is here this morning. We had about an inch of snow yesterday morning but it was gone by afternoon. The sun is shining bright and there are NO frozen water bottles!

Mary Beth

I couldn't believe it this morning when I saw it coming down. But we didn't get THAT much. Oh dear. Guess you just have to stay hearth-side and knit!


Don't hate me but it's been 60s and sunny here (Seattle) for weeks. Daffodils, tulips and cherry blossoms everywhere. We never had winter. There was one day with a whiff of snow. I'm a little envious.


I know what you mean.....enough already...we need to see some bulbs popping up! I love your blog btw!


OK - I promise to stop complaining about my inch here, two inches there. This has been an ultra-snowy winter.


yep here too.serve's me right for putting up a spring banner lol

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