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Wednesday, March 23, 2005



So many people I know have had a very hard and long winter ... including me! Every little plant that peeks its head out of the ground is cause for celebration. I just visited my mother's colonial fenced garden on Lookout Mountain, GA and the clematis that is winding it's way wave-like from the front walk to the back door is sprouting little shoots and is beautiful - so encouraging to me.

I love the Den Ming-Dao quote ... the beautiful vest and recently knitted sleeve to the new sweater ... and the rabbits and puppies ... a beautiful blog in every way. I hope you are encouraged ... since you encourage so many of us!

Mary Beth

So much there in this post! It's hard to imagine Spring ever arriving at this point. Sorry about the BWA. I have yarns I feel like that about. Different strokes....Best to you and those adorable puppies and bunnies.


I love your blog. What pattern are you using for your woven towels? Is it a waffle weave?


Ohhh, so sorry about those mites. What a shame. Good that you're on top of it and can recognize it. There is so much involved in animal husbandry! I'm feeling in a slump, too. An inordinate number of headaches lately, and I, too, have let my weight go a bit. I'm still fighting the diet cola battle, too. I'm trying to quit again, and that, of course, makes the headaches even worse. If I can stick with it a week, the battle will be half won. (I hope)


Your XO vest is wonderful; the paprika vest is yummy, and those puppies are just adorable! Do I understand the 'slump'! Our weather in Western New York was not bad at all this year; nevertheless, it still seems endless. I am ready for the sun and days outside. The dog and I are both ready for some marathon walks; this household is also ready to shed the 'winter coats'.


It's been a really hard winter for me, too. Luckily, we've been in a sunny weather pattern for the past week which has been helping with the blahs.

Love the paprika, that should "brighten" things up.


And I thought the puppies were cute! Oh my I love the rabbit, he's so adorable. The puppies are adorable as well. I bet you'll be sad to part with them.

Laura Y

Hi, I hope u r feeling more chirpy now..:) Spring is coming, cheer up! I like the paprika, very nice design! And the puppies are growing really fast ey!


I have that same Casual Cables pattern but haven't been able to get excited about it. Your paprika sleeve is beautiful though! Maybe I can get jazzed about it if I watch yours grow. Lots of photos along the way, please. ;)


Arrgghh - mites!! Worse than winter! But Sambuca is quite a pretty lady. Love both the paprika sweater and blue scarf you are working on. So what characteristics in a yarn make for good cable definition?


You can tell it's time for spring when we are all PAST ready for sun and warmth. The XO vest is beautiful. Now I'm worried about the BWA yarn. Making a jacket should be ok as it will be away from my skin and be warm.
Love your bunnies (and the way you care for them) and the puppies are just toooo cute!


The vest looks great even if it was a trial. And the Paprika is gorgeous, just the ticket out of winter blahsland. Awful cute little pups. Will you keep any?


Lots of people seem to be suffering from that same malaise. I'm feeling a bit better about it since the sun is shining this morning. I'm glad to see that you're knitting. And your Sambuca is gorgeous. We're all still dreaming of Mila Mouse. The girls were all excited that to see the new pictures. We love her and all her siblings.


Kim, the puppies are beautiful! I'm so glad that Sambucca will be healthy soon! My kitties had mites once and it was SO hard to get rid of them!

Hmmm, yes, I'm not sure about the BWA yarn. but I will give it a try. It's a fair bit scratchy for my tatse. The Knit along started as a Celtic Dreams sweater knit along but so many people wanted to do something with BWA yarn which is what Snowball is using that we switched it. You're not giving me a warm fuzzy about this yarn! :) But hated or not, the vest is BEAUTIFUL.

I've found this winter very hard to deal with also. I'm yearning for warmth and sun in the worst way!

I wish you warm days and plenty of spring flowers to brighten your days!


Your Puppies are always cute!! They seem to be impatient to take advantage of the Spring time! And Sambuca is like a pompon.
Thank you for the pictures, and take careā€¦


I love love love the baby pictures
( oh I love the knitting too but come on.... BABY pictures, who doesn't love them puppies)
they are so adorable I could kiss them to peices

claudia k

Just stopped by to say hello. I so share your "stagnation". I, too, let myself go this past winter, but am eating better these past two weeks. Also have bred three does (Neo...Belinda's brother is the dad) and encountered a pesky case of mites in some of the LONG winter coats I left on. So..we are right in sinc.





spring is just around the corner,this said after we had a snow storm yesterday.urgh.It's been a long winter.Your vest is looking very nice.I havent had the chance to use the bwa wool yet.I have been using the same wool you got from Elann and am liking it alot.Very soft.If you get down again just play with your pretty pups,that should cheer you up in no time!


It has been a hard season for a lot of people, I've noticed! Here we haven't had such long spells of cold, just bitter days and then warm ones. But I've packed on the pounds, too! Even the dog has gained too much this winter. Thanks to her arthritis she hates the cold.

Your projects look wonderful! Love the paprika and that blue in the scarf! The finished vest turned out nice, and at least it's over. Hope spring is finally there for you and the moods lift with the sun. Thanks for the pics of those cheerful little puppy faces!


I know that you are not alone in your feeling down. It is all over blogland! Me included! The sun will shine again soon, outside and inside. :)
The puppies are too cute. I can't get enough pictures of them~


i'm curious, can you still use a fleece that had mites, after washing and treatment and all? or is it just lost? oh, and thanks for more puppy pictures :) i look forward to them each time you post.


Enjoyed reading this post and was completely surprised when I scrolled down and saw . . . puppies!

They are so cute! Thank you thank you for the pictures.

Happy Easter to you, as well.


Ah, the puppies! Tooo cuute... They're killing me with cuteness! :D Glad the vest is finally finished and glad you've moved on to happier things. I hope your spirits lift with the incoming spring!


Oh, Kim, what a doll Sambuca is! She is gorgeous. I am going on SAT to get the bun(s)!! Yay!

It is so easy to get down in the winter. YOu have to stay indoors, it's all gray, and cold, and dreary. But spring is coming!! I have about the same amount to lose. I guess I should try to get serious this spring and do something about my weight, too! Maybe we can cheer each other on!

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