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Tuesday, March 15, 2005



I just looove your puppies! They are the cutest little things! I enjoy so much reading their adventures and progresses...
How's the tiny girl?


Oh my goodness! Just when I think the puppies couldn't possibly get cuter - they do. Go Mouse! It is such a pleasure watching their antics and firsts. Thanks so much for sharing this with us.

I love the sock and the beautiful yarn too.


Oh, those puppies are adorable!! They must be a lot of fun (and work!).


Your Latvian Sock is beautiful!! Love the colors. And the puppies - OMG! They are just too sweet. :)


Hi Kim!

Your puppies are the absolute cutest! I still have the little picture album you gave me with Sam in your kitchen as a baby. Brings back memories. Love those Cavaliers!


Oh they are GREAT! Looks like the first picture on the kitchen floor ...is a 'cristening' happening ;)
keep them coming love them!!!


I come to your blog for knitting inspiration and always leave wanting another puppy! Though, honestly, you do both - knitting and puppies - really well ...


Well...I can't decide which is nicer looking...the sock or the puppies! what a feast for stressed eyes tonight!


Love the color of your sock! It's a great pattern and so fun to do, no?
Those puppies are so darn cute! I love the way the start to venture out and how everything is a big step. Too much fun.


Those puppies are looking cuter by the day! Nice sock, too, since spring is so far away it's nice to have flowers on your feet instead.


Puppies! Puppies! Puppies! They're adorable! And your socks are beautiful.


I tried to post to the pups yesterday, but I couldn't
so now hopefully I can tell you that the pups make my day whenever you post them


Those puppies are so sweet, I feel like I'm getting cavities.


I love reading the adventures of the puppies. How great that you have taken so many pictures of them! Keep 'em coming!!

Barbara from Nova Scotia

Can never get enough of puppy pictures. I don't know how you manage to part with them once they're all grown... I am the proud owner of 3 ewes and a lamb. Nice addition to my angora bunnies and the barn doesn't feel so empty anymore. And hubby promised me a spinning wheel. Happy happy...


Kim, the yarn is lovely, and Mouse is looking beautiful! I'm not surprised at all that she is more adventurous, since she has had to work pretty hard just to grow to where she is. I want to snuggle and kiss them all!

On another note, we may be getting a puppy around summer time! :)


Yummy yarns!! And those pup pics are too cute to keep to myself - I had to share with Lynn, reminded him of his time sitting on your floor with the pup curled up in his lap. I shared Mouse's early struggles, too. Hmmmm, do you smell a set up???? LOL - 4 dogs is enough!!! Isn't it??


Ok, when I started to drool at the handspun skeins, it was kind of embarassing. But when I started to squeal at the puppy pictures, it was even worse. Could you try to measure out doses of cute and enviable in slightly smaller quantities? Please?


The puppies are so much fun to follow! I love that mouse was the one to go off on adventure. Lots of work for you, though. Oh, btw, I didn't realize, dogs use the litter too?


I am addict to the Puppies Adventures!!! My Cavalier Queen is always reading the newspaper in eating too! Looking forward…


Oh, the brave Mila Mouse girl! She's looking so good, Kim. I want to love her and pet her and snuggle her. It does my heart proud to see her doing so well. Sending her and all her siblings lots of love. To you too!


Ohhhh, paprika!!! And those puppy darlings. I can hardly stand it. I just keep smelling puppy breath in my memory....love it!

Laura Y

hehe I concur. Dunno which I am enjoying more. The yarns or puppies. The paprika yarn is beautiful and the puppies are gonna be a handful of interesting experiences as they grow. hehe Looking forward to see how it goes...:)

Mary Beth

Wow. We have never had a puppy, or a dog for that matter. Looks like so much fun!


What fun watching the babies grow! Brings to mind all my past puppy adventures! They look darling and VERY healthy and happy. I love the paprika color! I can imagine a vest in those colors as being beautiful!


Oh thank you! The puppy pictures just made my evening. Can't stop smiling while I look at them - and it take a while because I have a dial-up connection.


ahhhh....those puppy escapades are so much fun! Figures the smallest one would be the more adventurous. Thanks for the update and photojournal!


I don't know what I am enjoying more; the puppies or the yarn!

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