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Tuesday, March 29, 2005



I just saw Twinkletoes on Ebay yesterday. glad to know that it knits as pretty as it photographs. I wouldn't mind adding to my stash, but i've got too many projects started to purchse it just now! The paprika/cranberry combo looks beautiful.

What breed are your puppies? They are adorable!!

Enjoy your green sprouts... It has been warm here long enough that my hibiscus is greening up. Stand Back. (Glad I found your page via Norma Knits.


I love that sweater your doing in the paprika colour.where can I find the pattern for the Casual Cable sweater?the colour your picked out is really nice.


Reading stories about the puppies warms my heart. I wish one was coming here to live. Your yarn projects look wonderful:)


Your sweater is beautiful and the cables are really making it. I was going to order some peruvian highland wool yesterday but had to check around with some people who had used it first..just to make sure it didn't pill. The word I got was that it pills just a tiny bit but the fabric is excellent. I'm sure you'll be happy with your choice in yarn. I got some that was on sale at elann. I love the choices of colours they offer and couldn't decide so I narrowed it down to three. Happy knitting :)


it takes a little green to lift all of our spirits, I think. I love to see the gardens emerging and anticipating warmer weather, too. Your sweater and twinkletoes are gorgeous together...what a great combination.


The goat in the cast actually has a green cast under the duct tape, the vet covered the regular cast with duct tape to keep it clean and not eatten off by the other goats.
She is doing very well btw, and I kissed her little nose soundly!
thank you for your visit and comments


I can't believe you have some green showing. I think I will go out and poke around my yard . I love the Paprika yarn, such a pretty color. The puppies are adorable as usual. I bet they really are devolping personalities. I love the Elegant Ewe. We will have to tae a trip sometime. I could spend the day in there.


thank you so much for the puppy pictures.... today is my birthday and I had a blast with baby animals at the goat farm then came home to see YOUR babies.
btw, I was called mouse and I got into everything too.


That Twinkletoes stuff sure is purdy! And it does look really good with Paprika. I may have to get me some. The pups are darling. I think I like the big boy, though I usually go for the girl pups, but he has such an ernest face.


Don't laugh... but I made that same cardigan. I did it in Elann's alpaca in the Cactus color. In fact I think I did it about this same time last year! The big guy is definitely pulling my heart strings!! Waaaaaaa! I want a puppy!!


Ah, gotcha! The alpaca will be PERFECT with your sweater! It's such nice yarn to work with. While at Anne's on Sunday she showed us the roving she is spinning that came from you. It was SO beautiful and soft. It made the most luscious yarn. I can't wait until I'm good enough to spin some of your fibery goodness up! It might be awhile, however.


Looking at those puppy pics makes me really glad Amika the destructress is getting quite fresh lately - cures the tempation but good! And, oh! is that little Mouse quite tempting!


Those pups are so cute. They will make great companions for someone, too! I know it must be hard to let them go, though.
I wish I could go to Rhinebeck, but seeing as I have one vacation and one conference planned in the spring, I don't think my employer would let me have any more weekends off!


GREEN SHOOTS?? Be still my heart! A miracle indeed! That is what I love about spring. It feels miraculoua every year!
Puppy shots make me feel warm all over. Fig is incredibly jealous. :)


How much Puppies have changed since they were born…already 7 weeks! Now they have all there own character, mostly Mouse and Nellie (my Pet has the character of those two lovely girls).
Enjoy this week with us!


Those cute pups are tugging at MY heartstrings - they must be jumping up and down on yours! They really are gorgeous :)


Waaaaait just a cotton-pickin' minute. Aren't you in NH? Where are you, in the tropical part of NH, or what? And I'm all the way up here in the Arctic part of VT. I'm pretty sure there's no green shoots peeking out yet. But you've inspired me to go look with great hope tomorrow. That is, if I can find two minutes to rub together. (was it you who said that or somebody else? I thought it was really funny, whoever said it, and I'm going to use it from now on!)

Laura Y

You just peaked my interest in Twinkletoes. :) I guess I'll just have to go have a peek.
Oh no!! I'm in love with those puppies! I'm reading this and I feel it, it must be much worse for you. At least u know they'll go a good home.
Happy Spring to you over there! It's practically either sizzling hot here or dreary rain. It's nuts.


I'm glad Spring is finally showing herself; hope there is no more teasing! Lovely here after days of rain; looking forward to bunny chores! Were there really just 4 puppies? The pictures before seemed like a dozen! All delightful and very special!


oh, that Twinkletoes stuff is lovely. Just lovely. I've been tempted by Margene's ever so lovely pictures, but have resisted thusfar. I won't hold out long now....

The pups grow more adorable each day. I am so glad that you are enjoying the time you have with them now. It must be such fun to sit and knit while you watch them tumble about your feet.


My lilies came up yesterday, too, and it made my entire week!

Your puppies are adorable. I've looked through all of the posts since they were born and I haven't been able to find out what breed they are? Those little noses and big eyes are what's melting all of the snow.

I had bought the Casual Cables about the same time you started your sweater - I'd been eyeing it for about a year. How is the pattern? I plan on making it with a romney/mohair blend. Any tips?

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