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Wednesday, March 02, 2005



Oh I just love Little Girl in the Polish pottery pitcher! So adorable. You always have a mix of my favorites on your blog - always makes me smile and coo at the computer screen (good thing I save blog reading for home and not work...)!


Ooooooh, the little one still just breaks my heart. I so want her to come home to me!


Thanks for the posting the cutest puppy pictures ever! I have my heart set on a Cavalier King Charles, but with my roommate breeding her chihuahuas, it will have to wait since that is a lot of puppies for one house.

But, if you would like to send me Mouse, I will take her :)


I love the puppy pictures, can't wait for puppies in April at my home, assuming Agatha is pregnant (crossing fingers). I have a Pembroke Welsh Corgi and flying her to and fro to a great breeder in California was hard but hopefully worth it (it took a while because they are showing alot). I am also going to go order some Twinkletoes since your experience was just too positive for words. Great Blog!


Loving the puppies in the crockery...they are too cute!


If you keep putting them in food containers, I'll have no choice but to eat them! Oh, they're toooooo cute!


what cute puppy pics! the face on mouse in the last one is toooo precious.

i'm really envious of your towels. they are gorgeous.

i too have 8 bazillioin projects hiding in every corner of the house. i'm so glad to know i'm not the only one!


The pictures warmed my heart today. Thank you so much for taking such adorable pictures of 4 adorable puppies. I'm glad their mommy is feeling better, it's hard when our animals our sick.

On a knitting list recently we were discussing poor customer service and how it's invading everywhere, I'm so glad you've had some good experiences. It makes me think all is not lost.


Wow! Kudos to both of those vendors - that warms my heart. You sometimes hear such horror stories about customer service - but those folks take the blue ribbon!

Gorgeous towels!! I'm in that mid-weaving-project blah right now. The newness has worn off, but you are nowhere close enough to the end! Still plugging tho......


Oh gee, please don't tell my darling furbaby Bunny, but I am so in love with little "Mouse". All the puppies are adorable, but she is a heart stealer! I'm so glad to see that she is thriving.


can we pick which puppy we want? I'll take mouse please,actually I will take anyone of them lol.They are so adorable.Great luck on the wool,it's great when companys do that sort of thing.


The pics are too adorable! I was telling my husband about you "She has 17 rabbits and she breeds dogs and she knits and spins and weaves...." He couldn't believe it!

I thought of you last night as I was nursing George. He is sick, but it is not wool block. The breeder said she has heard anecdotes of rabbits getting sick from people..I am wondering if he got my flu? He is really weak and I have just been holding him and hand feeding and watering him. He is going to be living inside with me for a while. He is eating OK but not drinking like usual (usually 1 qt a day). He seems perkier today but still weak. Will keep you updated!!


Oh, Puppies in a crock! How sweet! I cannot fathom what the joy is like having them around. (now that you can sleep the night!:) How can you bare giving them up? Do you worry about them?
Mouse is the cutest. She has my heart. What a bunch of cute faces!
Okay, I'll stop.
Now about the yarn, shhhh, I will never say this publicly in fact, I will email you with the thought. I hate to lambaste anyone.
Well, I don't, but.....


I too would give that tiny girl a wonderful home, here the fur family reigns and they don't let us forget it either.
I am so happy that the entire litter made it.
I know sometimes breeders have 'act of god' problems with a litter for no apparent reason.
I love the puppy pictures and both little girls are to die for..... the boy are wonderful but my soft spot are the girls
give them all big smoochy kisses for me!


if only it were possible to separate you from the little girl, i'd be DELIGHTED to give her a home, and i'd promise to post rediculous amounts of pictures of her too... even my boyfriend, who is STRICTLY a cat person, squeals with glee when i tell him you've updated with more puppy pictures!!


Thanks for the puppy pictures. I love looking at them and will likely come back for a second and third peek.

I think I'm in love with Mouse. If you keep her I can see pictures of her for years. I think you need to keep her.


If I were closer, I'd try very hard to convince you to part with that tiny beauty :)
Em is at my shoulder squealing with delight at the sight of her!


They are so cute, and small. Putting them into little pots really puts their size into perspective. Lovely weaving.

Laura Y

Glad everything is ok now. This entry of urs really make me happy. Just wish I could hug those puppies! Inspired by all 3 topics..:) Happy crafting!


I had that same great service from Twinkletoes. She knows how to keep her customers. I just love the yarn and have a sock for myself almost finished.
The puppies are as cute as they can be. What a sweet bunch!!

julia fc

So you're saying that you don't want to be buried by the creep of projects like I have. . .
Don't answer that quite yet, I'm going to be busy making silly puppy wuppy noises at mouse for a minute. . .
wwoooozie fooozie booozie wooosie puppy puppy pudderpudderpudder, gimme a widdle kissie,oooooh snoogums. . .
Ah! I loooove puppies.
You were saying?

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