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Tuesday, March 08, 2005



Those puppies are so cute and I just adore little Mouse...as does everyone else. What a thoughtful person you are to keep her cosy that much longer.

I thought I wouldn't ever get to the point of excess in my yarn acquisitions. My mom's stash is overflowing from my old bedroom! But it is getting a bit out of control and I am looking to tone it down too. Take care.


I can *not* believe how much the pups have changed in such a short amount of time. Absolutely adorable!!


I've been holding my breath following the saga of your puppies, especially the tiny girl. They are all adorable, but Mouse is truly lovely!

Alas, we have no dogs (my last Siberian Husky died recently at 14) and our cats would leave if we got one. I know what you've gone through with the pups; two of the kittens in our last litter were tiny. One died, the other was bottle fed for weeks (he spent the days at work curled up inside my sweater); he's now close to 15 pounds!

The vest looks perfect to me. If it doesn't bother you consider it a unique feature that only a handknit would have.


Wonderful post! Spring and fall are always times of reassessment/reorganization for me too!

And the pups look happy and healthy. :)


I like Mouse ;-))) She is so cute with her riddled eyes...
I am happy that the second packet is finaly arrived... but where is the first one ??? *snob*


I do not regret having discovered your Blog. Your puppys are loves. I hope their mother is better! I'm a dog lover (I have a Cavalier woman of 81/2) and a knitter who is trying to make a Blog (!). Take care of them!!


Oh my gosh!! Puppies playing then falling asleep, how I miss that! My guys only do the sleeping part now, haha. I remember the first time the puppies followed our mom out of their little enclosure. The look on her face was priceless. "You mean I can't escape them anymore?" And she had NINE! so just tell Breeze she's lucky.


Last year my new year's resolution was "simplify". Things can take on a totally new meaning when you think about them. You may want to read "Mitten Strings for God" by Katrina Kenison, or "Gift from the Sea" by Anne Morrow Lindbergh. Both excellent books about sorting life out and making priorities.

About the buns- keep me informed. Maybe hubbie would take me on a road trip? We lost George yesterday morning. I am still waiting for the blood tests to return. I had no idea that I shouldn't use a used hutch, but if it was e. caniculi, I think that is where he would have gotten it. Your post makes good timing for me!


Love the puppies' progress...they are so adorable. It's definitely a good thing to simplify...if it were next year, I would love to snag a rabbit off of you.


Those puppies!! sigh! Your vest is turning out sharp, and really, I would not have the noticed the error had you not pointed it out with red arrows! ;) I just sold some BWA yarn on E-Bay. The color was lovely, but I just KNEW the recipient would not be able to tolerate it's roughness. I admire your introspection and shall try to follow your example...


Simplifying is good for the soul. Your smart to do so. Those puppies are just little dolls...gives me puppy fever. You could try to knit back just the cable section if it bugs you but my bet is no one will notice the error.

Mary Beth

I'm so glad you switched to turbos with the BWA-I bet it really grabs wooden needles. It will soften with washing and just look prettier. I often thought of PF when I worked with it, but it doesn't have the mohair so you don't get the halo. I love the color - is it "iris"?


Those puppies get me every time. And I'm right there with you on the feelings about excesses, etc. That documenting exercise I did really hit a few things home to me. But the sad thing is that I've continued to buy a few things. I'm really trying to get a handle on it....


Really enjoyed your post tonight, as always. I think the vest looks wonderful. I had to look really hard to find the mistake. The puppies look very healthy. Did you say...are they all spoken for? Good luck with your project too.


Oh, I love those little faces! Reminds me of when my Lily was so tiny, and I thought she was the prettiest puppy I had ever seen! How can you bear to part with any of them?

I'm knitting challenged so I can't say anything about the cables, but the vest looks wonderful to me! The Secret Pal stuff sounds like fun!

Laura Y

After discovering your blog..:) reading it has always cheer me up, probably cause I'm a dog lover and a knitter as well. Had an encounter with a puppy as well recently. Someone dumped her. What a meanie! Anyway, it's written in my blog. :) Something about puppies that always gives joy to me.


The puppy pictures are great. What smiles they must bring to your life.


My husband and I look forward to seeing the puppy pictures.
Today both our cars broke down (he's a mechanic so it figures)
YOUR puppy pictures made our day so much better...
and when I was little I was the 'runt' of the litter
and they called ME mouse
gee......maybe that pup does need to come home here?
thank you so much for cheering us up


Hoo boy are those pics hard to resist! With the pups around, it will probably make re-evaluating the buns a bit easier. Good luck on that.


Ohhhhh, the puppies are adorable! The look almost like little stuffed animals.


Oh the thought of those pups rolling around wrestling and playing just makes me giggle.

I agree with June on the miscrossed cable. It's easier than you think to fix and it'll all even out in the blocking.


About that miscrossed cable... I'd just ladder down that area and do it up again, but that's me.


I know what you mean about having too much.I've been thinking about the same thing.I know that lately if I stay with just one project I will have it done in no time,but I get bored too fast and then I need another things to knit..and so on.best of luck thining out your 'space'..puppies are darling I will be over tommorrow to take one from you lol

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