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Thursday, February 10, 2005



How cute are those puppies! Very happy to see all the snow in the North Country.


Glad to hear the little girl is improving. She is so tiny compared to her brother.Still sending healing thoughts your way. I love the color of your Noro scarf.


All your gentle care has paid off for the little darling. May she continue to improve. Enjoy your snow! It will be spring soon, I promise!!


Oh my gosh. I do hope all of the pups will be alright. They are definitely in my thoughts. *Hugs*


So glad to hear the little girl is going to make it! :)


does that mean that the little pup is the "runt" of the litter? I've often wondered how that is determined, and never thought to ask anyone! I'm glad to hear that she's still hanging in there and will continue to keep a good thought for them.

The scarf is beautiful; I've never used the "bulky" noro but might consider it if it knits up fast.

I dug out this morning too - and am now very grateful for that bit of warmth that passed through last week!


I am so thrilled that your pup is going to be ok. she is so tiny, I can't believe how small she is.
I bet she goes into one fine and personable lady
give her a rub and a kiss for me


Yay for the little puppy's corner turning! Thanks for sharing the pictures. And I hope you get some sleep tonight!


So glad to hear the encouraging puppy news.

Thanks for the pictures. Puppy pictures are just so special.

Stay warm and get some sleep.


Ooh those babies are just the most beautiful things ever! Glad to hear the little girls are eating better. Get some sleep!


You must be exhausted with the puppy watch! I'm hoping that littlest pup gets stronger!
Love the Noro scarf and especially love the opera scarf with snowflakes!


awww - they're adorable. My little guy Toby was a micropreemie - and he was smaller than he should have been even adjusting for his gestational age (he was born at 26 weeks along...) - sometimes, smallness just happens :) . It looks like the pups are doing well - they're adorable! - Sara


Thanks for the updates, Kim! So glad wee little girl is doing better -- that's just an amazing difference in size. Maddy nearly swooned when I showed her the blog pics the other day. ; )

That's a lovely Opera Scarf. I hope your other knitting frustrations ease up along with the puppy worries.


A big brother is a good thing for a little girl. :)


I still want to bring that little girl home to my house and just snuggle her for days. So glad she's doing better.


That's a lot of snow you're getting! You could lose a full grown dog in that much white stuff. I'm very glad the tiny girls are doing better. I'll hope for a few more really good weeks before they're out of the woods completely.


I'm glad the little ones are doing better, they are so sweet.

I love the yarn for the breast cancer survivor. My mom is a two-time survivor, so it's a very special cause in my family. My husband's grandmother died of breast cancer as well.

The scarves are beautiful.

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