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Saturday, February 19, 2005



I love the puppy photos! I live in MA and wish I could have come to the spa weekend, but was home recovering from oral surgery. What's this about synchronized swimmers?? Everything else in that list makes sense, except for the swimmers!


Thanks so much for the SPA picture. It was almost like being there!

So sorry about Breeze. I hope she's better soon. I just love the pictures of the puppies! What a cutie that little boy is.

Ooooh the roving arrived in Saturday's mail. Just divine. I haven't had a chance to spin it yet with the new kitten about but I'm planning on a nice lace weight. Yummy!


Wow. So much living going on around there! From puppies with tiny noses and loving eyes, to a weekend of creation and inspiration, to a mommy dog who needs extra care.
To echo Norma's post, our black lab was the runt, as well. And she's as spunky and healthy as ever, with her 11th birthday just around the corner! (She thinks she's more like 3.) A big, furry lump of love. Love your blog, as always.


I never tire of seeing the babies, I hope the littlest one is growing well now. ( tell her for me, that I was the runt of the litter and I turned out ok)
kiss them all and their momma too for me please


Are you in the Portland area? I was too at spa, working with the ladies who own Gaspereau Valley Fibers a.k.a fleece artist heaven. Glad you got to get out for a bit!


Great to see you, ever-so-briefly, at SPA> I hope your mommy is feeling better. smooches,


Glad you were able to get out of the house for a while. Looks like a great time was being had by all.

Poor Breeze. It is painful for her? What do you do for it? Is she going to be OK? (Were you wondering what to blog about? I have lots of questions. LOL)

On to the puppy. He's so sweet. Thanks for the pictures. Do you name your puppies? Or just call him "Big boy"?

And, finally, I'm very curious about why you wouldn't want to keep a boy dog.


you have been so busy! yoy will really need a trip to the spa when the little one grow up ;0)


KIM! that looks like SO MUCH FUN! But I'm upset, because all this has been happening in your life and I've been totally clueless. Apparently Bloglines has not been updating you for me. Dang, dang, dang. Those puppies are precious, and I can just imagine what life has been like for you. I raised a few litters of puppies in my childhood (pre-teen and teen years) and I know what it's like -- even moreso if you're a breeder, I'm sure. I'm glad things are looking up for the babies. My Vincent was the runt of his litter and he was so small we couldn't take him 'til he was almost 4 months old. Puppies from the litter born six weeks AFTER him were bigger than he was! But he is an ever-living DOLL. You know, when you go as a consumer to a breeder and they tell you this puppy was so compromised, you're fearful to buy the puppy, thinking there might be problems -- but in this case, we never could have found a better baby. (he's almost 11 now)


Ouch. Really nasty, ugly jealousy rearing its head here. I'm so glad that ... other places have such wonderful things. I just have to bide my time for Rhinebeck in October. Even so, this seems like a really special and close-knit gathering. The puppies are still unbelievably cute.


Oh my gosh, look at his little pink nose!! He's so handsome and soft looking. I got the Scarf Style a couple weeks ago and am loving it, not that I've had time to start anything from the book, but the ideas are going in my head and that's the important part.

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