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Thursday, February 24, 2005


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More or less nothing seems important. It's not important. Shrug. Whatever. I've just been hanging out doing nothing, but eh. I can't be bothered with anything lately.

Gloria Febrizio

My weight watcher leader, Linda, introduced me to your website and I am so grateful to her. I am so happy that Breeze is doing well and the photos of her pups made my day. I am a true lover of all animals and own a mixed breed dog (Lucky) who is the king of our castle. Keep up the good work with your wonderful website. Thank you.


I think you were the one whose site directed me to the Numa Numa dance? If so, here's a link to the NYTimes for a story about him.http://www.nytimes.com/2005/02/26/nyregion/26video.html?ex=1109912400&en=1497ea7cf9f5df49&ei=5070


Wow am I behind! The pups are adorable!! I'm so sorry about Breeze. Hope she's doing better! That overshot blanket is fabulous! I wish I had the patience to weave! Gorgeous!!


Your puppies are adorable, and it's great that you have a homeopathic vet, but what I'm really intrigued by is SPA. I live about two hours from Portland, and I would love to see what goes on there. Hopefully next year. :)


How fortunate you are to have a homeopathic vet nearby. Poor Breeze. She does have such expressive, sweet eyes.

I see you have been busy. Love all your projects.


The puppies are adorable and I am so pleased to hear momma is feeling better. We are using some alternative approaches for my son who has autism. Homeopathy is next. Take care.


Seeing the pictures of the puppies just made my day. I am so glad to hear the little girls are faring well. Hope Breeze continues to feel better too. Lovely spinning....


Wonderful story of caring doctor. I think ND or homeopaths are much more in tune with bodies of all animals. It is wonderful to hear that all are doing well and that you stuck it out until you found the right person. Good luck to all the cuties!


What sweet babies. I'm so sorry for the mama though, I hope she gets better soon. How awful for her and you.


How lucky people are to get one of your sweet puppies! They are so well cared for - it's truly amazing. If I hadn't just bought our second dog, Bella (a beautiful, little, buff cocker spaniel), I'd be very tempted to wait no-matter-how-long for one of yours! But between Bella, and Ceilidh (a Brittany), and Colette (our hysterical cat), and children, some of whom now return with their own dogs, our house is more often a zoo. But, really, your love and care for your puppies is inspirational. Breeze, by the way, is one of the best names I have ever heard for a dog!


Oh! Gorgeous blankie - and the pups are coming along QUITE nicely, aren't they?? I'm glad Dr. B was able to get Breeze fixed up, and I'm glad you didn't have to resort to steroids. Those things are the devil's candy - they work great short-term, but you get dependent on them and then you have to take more and more and more. With lots of nasty side effects. Blech!


Oh I just squealed really loud in the middle of my office when I saw those puppy pics!! haha. I'm so relieved to hear that Breeze is feeling better. Last summer I went through an ordeal with a new dog who had serious mental and physical issues, but thank god we took the natural route. She is totally fine now, but if my traditional vet had his way, the dog would still be on valium or prozac or something!


I'm happy to see and hear that all of the puppies are doing well. And that the lovely Breeze is recovering. I was worried about her! I agree with you about spinning. Very relaxing and grounding.


Oh your poor baby! I am so glad that Dr. B was able to treat her. Back pain is so horrible, especially when she has such an important job to do! THe dogs will continue to be in my prayers!
I love that blanket. I couldn't imagine being able to make something like that! Of course, right now I can't even imagine getting something that looks like yarn out of my spindle :)
And that sock is fabulous!


Belladonna, otherwise known as nightshade can be deadly if you don't know how to use it properly. However, as with many other medicinal plants, if administered properly, in a small dose, used in conjunction with other herbs, and diluted, can be very restorative. It naturally relaxes muscle-tissue (that's why it was a popular medieval 'viagra'), and promotes circulation. I'm sure you're quite familiar with the other well-known branch of the belladonna family: tomatoes.

Sounds like Dr. Larry really knows his herbals. Good for him! I'm so glad mama's doing better. The pups are almost to the rolley poley stage. How fun for you!


Wonderful that homeopathy was able to take care of your sweet girl. I'm glad she's back to taking care of her pups. That little girl of my dreams is looking great!

Laura Y

Hi, being a dog lover myself, I am really glad things are better over on your side. I've been following the progress and I have to say, I'd probably be at my ends wit if I were in ur shoes. Thank goodness for Dr Bernstein. :) All the best. Heads up!


Wow, Kim, what a wonderful affirmation of homeopathy....not that I needed any convincing. But it breaks my heart to think of the pain that poor girl was in up 'til then. And trying to nurse too. I'm so glad it was resolved so well and so quickly. That stuff, if the right remedy is found, is the most amazing thing ever.


I wish there was a good homeopath near me. I love my vet/chiropractor though!

Your spinning is beautiful - it gives me something to aim for.

And if that littlest girl stays teeny tiny and happens to turn out even the slightest bit hyper, she can come live with me to be an obedience/agility/flyball dog. :)


Homeopathy is absolutely amazing... the dilution of belladonna (or any remedy) to water can be in the thousands if not millions... the greater the dilution, the stronger the dose is. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but I know it works. You're lucky to have someone knowledgable nearby.

Just today DD bumped herself a good on and she got treated accordingly.

My boss' sister is a homeopath and we keep remedies in the medicine cabinet at work.

I'm glad she's feeling better and isn't compromising the health of her babies at the same time. Such a fine line.


How terrific that Breeze is doing so well! As you well know, I'm a big fan of alternatives to modern medical science. So three big cheers that Dr. Bernstein helped your beautiful girl. Nice spinning too.


My beloved late dog had a small problem with her back at one time, we found a vet that practiced not only eastern but western medicine.
She had acupunture and it work amazinly well. He also gave her chinese herbs, and now treats our Laperms with chinese herbs as my boy has URI and we don't want to keep him on zithromax, as we are worried about building a superbug in him.
it has work wonders here and we swear by this vet.
The pups are darling, kiss them all for me


I never get tired of puppy pics :)
I'm glad they're all doing well


Belladonna?! The plant I know by that name is potently poisonous. Maybe it's like "Botox" treatment - if it's dilute enough, it doesn't kill.


The puppies are just gorgous! And I cannot tell you how happy I am that Dr Bernstein was able to help Breeze. I am so pleased she is feeling better.

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