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Monday, February 14, 2005



I now I'm late in commenting, but I just discovered this blogging business and I'm sitting here winding yarn and reading! If you get to go to Charlotte in May, I hope you can stop by here! I'm only 23 miles off your main route down! I would love to meet you! I am also hoping to come up to New Hampshire to the fiber festival Chris told me about; hope it's not the same weekend!


Please don't stop posting puppy pictures! I for one would need to go into therapy if I didnt' get my regular dose of them! Wish I could adopt one for myself ... I just think I live that touch too far away.


Yes, more puppy pictures, please. Don't forget those adorable little boys. We have finally made our decision and are going to look at King Charles puppies this week. There are several reputable breeders in our area. One actually has a couple of puppies that will be ready to go in a few weeks, but she also has a litter coming in spring and I may wait. We're going to England for two weeks in May and I don't want to leave a new puppy behind. Any advice you can give on picking out puppies would be welcome. We do know to look for a clean heart history. Thanks!


I agree - you can **never** have too many puppy pictures! Today's is my favorite so far. :-)


Awwww...so sweet! It's like having your own babies, isn't it? Have a "restful" weekend!


So glad to hear the littlest one is doing better!


Yes! Yes! Yes! More puppy pictures. Every time you post one I fall a little more in love with that baby girl (I even have a secret name for her).

And FOs to boot. So fun to see what you've been working on.


Guess what?!? I live near Charlotte, NC. I'm hoping you make it to the show. :)


Holy cow!! That is too adorable!! lol. The scarf is nice too. ;-)


Oh, too cute! And fabulous that both little girls are doing so well - what a good puppy mom you are! So yes, add me to the list of "go ahead, overdo the puppy pics." I'm thoroughly enjoying following the development.


Bring on the puppy pix. You can't have too many. Throw in a couple of chocolate stories along with knitting updates and I think that'd be the ultimate webpage. :)

Secret Pal 4

Funny pictures for Valentine's Day !!! I wish for the little sister growning stronger and getting fatter and fatter ... I am agree with others, I want more pictures !!! ...


It is not possible to post too many puppy pictures! Please, we need to see the little boys now.


the puppy getting better just made my week!
I am so looking forward to watching them grow.
thank you very much for every puppy picture


More puppies!
Here here.
And as for the Manos: DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!
I'll bring my manos sweater, all of two months old and worn a half a dozen times, if I can locate it amid the pilly mess it has become. It looks nice in the skein, but it's a mess once a finished object.


I agree with everyone else, you couldn't post ENOUGH puppy pics. So glad they are doing well. Thanks for the info on the Royal Tweed, sounds interesting.


As far as I'm concerned, you can post puppy pics 'til the cows come home, or jump over the moon, or whatever. They are SO cute. Man, not much bigger than those Beanie Babies, are they? You're knitting some wonderful things, too!


I am so happy that the lil' girls are doing much better. Speaking only for myself, I could look through pages and pages of puppy pictures, and the fact that you combined knit-stuff in the picture with the puppies makes it even better. I can't wait until they get to the rolley-polly stage.


I love the puppy pictures too! Could you make your rovings be quiet please. I can hear them calling me.....


How could you ever over do pictures of those babies???? Just wish I could rub them on my cheek.


I *love* the puppy pictures and have enjoyed following along with the whole process! I love the Manos! (it's my favorite yarn)! The colors are great!!!


C'mon - overdo the puppy pics. I for one would appreciate them! BTW, My spinning wheel has been ordered - as soon as I'm vaguely competant, I'll be ordering some of that lovely fiber you have. :)

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