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Sunday, February 06, 2005


Barbara from Nova Scotia

You've inspired me to try Marguerite's sock pattern. Very pretty. I love the colour of your spinning. Beautiful. And of course so are the pups. :)


I'm sorry, but those puppies steal the show from your knitting! How sweet! Don't you just love their little squirmy, puppy breath, squeaky selves? And what a proud and beautiful mom.
I can't wait to see some development pictures as they grow!
Have a wonderful weekend!


Oh, the sweet little pups. I will definitely pray for them! Seeing how tiny the little girls are just makes me want to hold them close to my heart. Prayers for you too, that you can stay well through this hard time- no sleep stinks!!


Never bored to see puppy pics! I can NOT believe the difference in size! The little guys will be added to our prayers tonight. I always think God listens to Joe's especially cause he's so danged cute with his listhp. lol. Our Fadder... ath it ith in Heaven.


Love the puppies and hope you have great sucess with them all. Old Shale socks are lovely. The first pair I knitted are put aside for a birthday present next month, but I'll be doing more.
Jan in Sydney Australia


I am saying prayers for those little gals..hope they are improving.


Precious pups!

And, your spinning is beautiful. Very inspiring to me. :)


Go Patriots, indeed. Remember the days when Steve Grogan could do nothing but lose. We deserve this, grrl.
I love Marguerite's pattern, too. And the spiral sock is more fun to knit than you might think. Even if you do it all in one color or in self-patterning yarn, the construction is different enough to make it interesting.


fingers crossed+ they are darlings! I love that sock your doing,is it very easy?


Baby pictures!!! They are just too much, I want to eat them! Good luck with the girls. Many moons ago, I kept the runt of our litter, a tiny little girl, because we were worried about her. Well, she lived for 14 years and got to be 110 lbs., so anything's possible!


I agree with Abby....how in the world do you think this could bore us???? KEEP IT UP!
I don't know about breeding/raising, but aren't girl dogs smaller anyway? What is the vet saying? and your spinning and knitting too???? oh, my you are just too much :)


Keep posting the pictures of your adorable pups! Knitting blogs would be boring if we didn't sprinkle them with our life stories. I do enjoy reading your blog and seeing what you are up to whether it be spinning, knitting, or nursing newborn pups. Congratulations on the Patriots!! :)


The little ones are adorable, all of them.


I have been reading you ever since I found you had CKC, and I adore all the doggie pictures.
We lost our 16year old dalmatian in 2003, we still haven't been able to think of another dog, but I do miss not only her but having a dog around. One of our cats is trying his best to BE a dog but it isn't the same.
I will keep the pups in my prayers, and hope that they pull through. I also look forward to watching the puppies grow.


Fear not - you could not possibly publish too many puppy pictures! My husband and I are still hoping to get a King Charles some day. I knitted Marguerite's socks and loved the pattern. It is well written and I love the finished socks. Have fun and hope you get some sleep.


I love the first pic! So sweet. :)


Oh, precious little puppies. Seeing them makes all my maternal instincts come to life. I just want to cuddle those little girls and take care of them. I'll be praying for them.

Mary Beth

Now seeing the pictures I can see what you mean-the little girls are so much smaller. And you are working so hard to give them the best start. They are lucky you are their human Mom! The BWA changes a lot with washing - I washed and blocked the back of the sweater I am working on - it drapes much better, becomes softer, but the cables still look great.


Is supplementing the girls diet with bottle feeding not a good idea at this time? I know that when kittens refuse to thrive, we've taken it upon ourselves to help nature along. I don't know much about puppies, and usually the kittens are several days old before we start this. Just thinking out loud...


You couldn't possibly bore me with puppy pictures!

3.7 ounces. Oh my. I'll be praying for those little girls.

Sounds like you're a great doggy nurse and they'll have every chance to grow and thrive if it's at all possible.

So pleased to see that you're knitting the Old Shale sock.

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