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Friday, January 07, 2005


carroll rottmund

I am hoping someone with spinning experience on either a Russo Vermont wheel or a Lendrom saxony wheel will respond to this request as to satisfaction with their wheel. I am going to purchase one or the other at the Md. Sheep and Wool festival. Wanted to hear from someone as to why they chose their wheel. Thanks.
Carroll Rottmund. crottmund78@dejazzd.com

carroll rottmund

I am trying to decide on a saxony wheel. Any advice from one who may have spun on a Lendrum saxony or a Russo wheel? I have a very loved Lendrum portable wheel. Would love to hear from someone. I am a beginning spinner who has just caught the knack of spinning and the love of a beautiful wheel. Probably will only buy one more. Would love to hear from someone who has spun on both the Lendrum saxony and the Russo Vermont wheel. Thanks.


Love Mt. Washington! One of these days I'll get to the Elegant Ewe. What a great day you had. :)


Ah, you & I have similar tastes Kim! I made a hat out of the same Koigu colorway and it is lovely! I ended up giving it to my dad because he asked ever so sweetly, but it is one of my favorites!


Wicked woman! You personally used your mind control on helpless strangers in Henniker, who found themselves somehow forced into their car and driving to Center Harbor. Once inside Patternworks (to say nothing of Keepsake Quilting), what hope did we have? I only bought 2 skeins of Koigu (and a book... and a pattern... and some needles), but Sarah the housemate found 6 skeins in one of the somewhat geological colorways she favors.

The Mt. Washington Valley is very beautiful. I had the good fortune to spend six weeks in Randolph last summer. I like your blog. Best wishes for you and the spaniels and the rabbits et al. LauraJ


We're definitely gonna have to do some yarn store shopping when I come to visit next year!! Better find a good hiding spot for those pooches!

julia fc

Happy St Distaff's! So glad to see you post about it, and I love the info on the link. Very cool.
I hope to touch Lori's late wheel at SPA: you bringing that one? It's like playing Eric Clapton's guitar!


Everytime I see pictures of your dogs, my heart melts. It is coming up on 2 years since I lost Brandy.I swore I would not get another cocker because it would remind me too much of him. These little dogs are just precious. I would teach you the 2 sock 2 circ. I really find it som uch faster. I can't believe you found the "Smoke ring patern " . I have been trying to order it from Elann.I have been in love with that since I seen it on Cassie's blog. I made a trip to "The Elegant Ewe" about three months ago. What a wonderful store. Again , I was overwhelmed by the selection.I chuckled when I read your spinning wheel story.


I can't think of a more appropriate St. Distaff Day gift than your wheel and yarns! What a perfect day....makes me want to visit New Hampshire!


Now that's my kind of colorway of Koigu. And I have a little bit of a problem with you saying that you got out of one store with no yarn purchases but then went to PATTERNWORKS?! You were asking for it. That's all I have to say. Enjoy the yarn, and the pattern and the wheel too!

Lori Gayle

The *third* time you bought this wheel? You only confessed to *two* this morning, but then, we had only just met. I had fun, too, and I thank you for introducing me to a new yarn store. The wheel will be much happier being used at your house instead of hiding in a dark closet in mine. Happy St. Distaff's Day!

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