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Friday, January 21, 2005



What a week you've had! Hopefully this one will be better...
Love the peace quote.


Hi, just found your blog on the knitters webring. Looking forward to reading a bit more about a fellow knitting bunny owner! Yours are gorgeous - mine is a spoilt houserabbit.


I love the color of the yarn in your glovelets. I have never heard of that yarn co. so I'll have to check it out. I was delighted to find your blog, i absolutely adore bunnies! Loved the pics! Stay warm and good luck with the socks!


Ahhh, I've got visions of bunny rabbits and hot water bottles now.


Kim, I am proud of you for changing that picture. It did hurt my feelings, I thought it would be much more appropriate to put those pics in a pic of Bin Laden or Saddam. But you are right, no matter what political slant you are, Americans WANT peace. I like your quote.

As for the socks- how sad. I think I read something about using afterthought heels. It was in the twisterd sisters sock workbook. If you can't get your hands on a copy, let me know.

I got my hutch all ready, and I am going tommorrow to get my bun!!

I send you good wishes for warmer weather and a fix for the car situation!


Seems like you need two hugs after two cars and two socks give out on you! ((((Kim))) (((Kim))) The cold here is prolonged enough now that I'm coaxing rabbits with carrots, which freeze and turn black if they don't eat them fast enough, and fresh papaya which freezes much more nicely than carrots.


Sorry about your Koigu socks.;-( That spindle is GORGEOUS!!! Where'd you get that? I've never seen one like it.
Love the quote on peace you put up! :-)


This is a really nice tutorial on darning.


I read on the sock knitters post one time,never to use koigu for socks,because they wear out to quick.I wonder if you could undo and put in a after thought heel? next time maybe use some reinforcement thread in the heel.I'm going to try that myself,if I ever get the time ;0)

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