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Thursday, January 27, 2005


Pauline Bushey

Hi, Have three goats. Immediatly after kids are born navel is dipped in 7% iodine. It cauterizes the navel cord quickly lessening the chance that bacteria will travel up the cord.


Look at those little faces!! Just too cute.


As for TV sans knitting, it's just not possible. And ouch to the sore thumbs and other finger and arm parts -- I've been there. One thing I can recommend is American ginseng tea, and occasional ibuprofen, and ice. Looks like you have plenty of the latter...
Good luck with the puppies, I'll be back for more whelping news!


As usual, you've crammed lots of good stuff into your post. ;-)
I used size 10 needles for my Opera Scarf and was very pleased with it.


Kim! The scarf looks great. Lisa is my wife and it means a lot to her that the knitting community has jumped in with both feet to help her out. At first, she thought no one would care, but everyone has proven her wrong. Thanks for your time and help!


Wow, Kim, you are cookin'! Look at all those sweet faces. Good luck birthing those puppies. I'll drink to you! (Hey, Kim, while I'm here, do you have the code up for the New England Knits ring? I don't see it and RingSurf is telling me to check your site. If you want to be dropped from the ring, let me know. If you just need the code, I'll send it along. I haven't been paying much attention to the ring, so I'm catching up on my backlog here.) Stay warm!


I'll trade you some of my roving for one of those puppies....not exactly a fair trade is it? The crate of dogs is precious. I love your little four legged friends!

Beautiful knitting you've been doing lately. You certainly are accomplishing a lot.


it's been cold up here in Canada too.It feels like its been a long winter.I'm the same way as you and probably everyone else,I need to do something with my hands all the time,knitting fits the bill,keeps me from snacking too lol


I thought about you last night, when I saw the temperature in your neck of the woods. We had -10 down here. I loved seeing all your great pictures. Sounds like you are one busy lady.


I could never sit in front of the tv without spinning or knitting or cross stitch or something. That would be vastly unproductive! :)


Glad you put the pups all in one crate. It'll make it so much easier for me to take them home. lol.

The scarf is looking great!



And your Inishmore is so pretty - that yarn really compliments the pattern.


I love the x-ray - puppies are cute even before they're born!


Oh, I love puppies! The skunk breath is my favorite part. Lucky you!

Helen in New Hampshire

Oh Kim, that cage full of sweet faces just made my heart sing. What a lovely lap full of hugs they must be.
Wishfully, Helen (see you at the SPA)


You have some lovely posts, bunnies hot water bottles, pregnant doggies, spectacular icicles and knitting to boot. Well done!

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