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Tuesday, January 04, 2005



Nice looking socks... I sort of fizzled out on the Six Sox KAL. I made the first few pair. Then came across a pattern I didn't care for. That was the end of it. Ohhhhh , the guilt of it all. I had wondered if you had gone to Chambersbug. I keept looking for you in the Traffic, whenever we passed a NH car. Yes, The Yarn Basket is a fantastic store. I need to be better prepared next time. I was so overwhelmed, I could not make a choice.


Wow what a color change. I agree with you the green is much better. Don't feel bad about not keeping up. I read what every one else is doing and I am speechless. The socks are great and when you get the other two done then you will have a matching pair.LOL


That color change is phenomenal! I like it better, too. I love pink on the right person, but it's really bad on me. I'd definitely go for the green.


I like the color change too. I didn't mind the pink, but I like the darker shades more. Did you trim the edges, too? I really want to learn to do the nuno felt . . .

I want bunnies, too. I just want them all to stay about 8 weeks old, when they're so cute you almost can't stand it.


You need to keep up with us? I am sitting here drulling over your rabbits!!! Do you think my DH will let me have some!! How many socks? Felting, dying. Oh my DH is not going to be happy with you to get me into all that. alice


Holy cow!!! Did you ever change the color on that scarf - if you're happier with it, I'm happy for you. But I gotta say, I am a pink person and I did a big gasp! LOL And I'm glad you experimented and got what you are happy with. :) Nice socks - in the dark of early morning, they'd be a pair to me!!!



I love the new dyed version. I too am not s "pink" gal. I have very rosy cheeks naturally and a slightly olive complexion which means when I wear pink, I turn PINK! Not very attractive to be sure. No one wants to be seen with a walking piece of bubblegum! :)

I've finally begun spinning the rovings I got from you! They are soooo heavenly. I'm glad I waited as I was able to be consistant and make some beautiful yarn.


I am just catching up reading blogs and I have to say, I just always enjoy reading yours. I am glad you have tried new sock techniques, I want to try that this year. Of course every sock technique is new for me!
I didn't realize you had so MANY buns! WOW! I have someone coming today to see about putting up a fence in my NEW backyard. Then I can get my BUN!!! YEAH!!!

I haven't been to the post office yet, maybe today to send your markers. I hope you will like them- they sure are better than those stupid plastic rings they sell!

Have a great week!


At least you got one of each sock done! lol. I'm still halfway through my first fluted bannister! lol. So yea... I'd call it a pair!

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