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Monday, December 20, 2004


Cheryl Fuller

Around 30 years ago, I found the easiest recipe ever for eggnog in House & Garden magazine. I present you with Opulent Eggnog:

1 qt. softened French Vanilla Ice Cream
1 pt. heavy cream, whipped
1 C spirits of your choice (I use apricot brandy)

Stir spirits into softened ice cream. Fold in whipped cream. Serve with sprinkle of nutmeg.


Wonderful stuff, Kim. And congrats on the kitchen floor. I can totally relate to that.
Have a nice holiday.


I think A Christmas present a month is a GREAT idea. Maybe someone who is smarter at computers than me could make a button and we could have a "Christmas" knitalong.

I brought eggong to our last knitting night (only the kind you buy in cartons at the store) and I was told I only brought half of it (no booze)! I never even had it with alcohol....

I am moving tommorrow but after I get settled I will write again for your address- I made you some stitch markers!!

Have a great, beautiful Christmas!!!


Your plan for Christmas knitting sounds great! I would love to attempt that as well~ and have more time for spinning.

I love that holly fairy. So cute. :)


Those little purses are adorable! As is the hat! :)

I also liked the cover scarf on Spinoff. I've been experimenting with all kinds of spinning fibers as of late. I think I might even like angora better than alpaca! (That's quite a shock I might add!) I can't wait to get started on the rovings I got from you! I think this weekend I might start dipping in those bags! :)

Happy, Merry, Ho Ho Ho... And all that stuff! Glad you are on the mend!


Oooo, the eggnog sounds yummy! I think that's the recipe my Dad used to make every year. I'll have to whip up a batch this year in his memory!

After our nuno felt party, you might find away to cram in lots of last minute gift making for future Decembers. I've been knocking off a scarf a night lately and I am sooo pleased with the way they are coming out!!! I think you will enjoy it (builds upper arm muscle too, I'll tell ya!). Last night's version is fawn angora/rambouillet blend on silk organza - wow! Warm for this morning's arctic hit.



i have a little figurine of that holly fairy... usually it lives on a stick in my jasmine plant, but he migrates to my potted christmas tree this time of year :)

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