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Friday, November 12, 2004



Hey Kim ~ My new site, homegrown daisy, is going to be more than just "politics." We'll be focusing on women's issues and what we can do to improve the lives of women everywhere. (That's my ultimate goal, anyway.) Your baby alpaca looks divine.


I know how it is with the dog world - and you're right, it will never change. Just remember that if there weren't breeders who genuinely love their breed and want the best for it, where would the good dogs come from?

Hang in there with your bunny - a friend here at work is having bunny trouble too and it's just as hard as when a pup isn't well.

I'll be thinking of you!

claudia k

Poor Belinda!!! I hope things are going better now. She looked freshly clipped in the picture you posted...sometimes right after a clipping I get the worst cases of slowed eating, and have to really search out super-fiber sources of food for the rabbits for a week to counteract the blocking tendency. And...fur mites can also cause an INCREASE IN GROOMING which contributes to blocking, so don't forget to treat with Ivermectin as a preventative. Good luck, and I am keeping my fingers crossed for you both!


Hi- A pity that it has taken your message that you are leaving for me to drop in on your site! (which is great, by the way- love your loom work!)
I have similar feelings about the ROAK ring- perhaps this is why I've only been lurking there for a couple of months, not sending ROAKs out. Sometimes I feel I really should be sending such thoughts, care and attention to people I do know in person, rather than someone I don't know. It's great if we are able to carry the RAOK sentiments out into our daily lives, and not apply them only to ring members. I have also found the ring is a great way to meet new people on line, to find some blogging buddies to read regularly, and offer comments to- I think this fellowship and sharing interests is an important part of the ring thing.


Oh, I do hope that your bunny gets better soon. I've noticed similar things about the dog world. Especially since I have a mutt. People can make such hurtful comments that they only see as casual asides and have no idea how much their flippancy can cause hurt feelings.

The cami is looking lovely. I've been making stitch markers lately and got instructions from Liz Maryland, who is the crafty bitch link on my site. She has step by step instructions written out...


Kim, I am struggling with similar issues on the RAOK list. I find that I really don't want to be quite so random. My list of blogging friends keeps growing; I want to respond to all of them. My list of real-time friends need nurturing and spontaneous gestures too. How to find ways to practice raoks throughout my day in all kinds of ways is the direction I want to be going in. Each of us has to find her (or his)own way. Hope the winter blahs get banished...I keep thinking about those SAD lights...wish I could try before I buy.


Oh I will pray for your bun! I don't have mine yet but I have learned a little bit about the wool block problem. I am sending good positive vibes to both her AND you. Sounds like YOU need some RAOK! I bought the stuff to make stitch markers and IF I can figure out how to make some that don't look horrible I am going to send some your way!

ashley (ur favorite daughter)

hey mom,
I think its great that that one book changed the way you look at a lot of things. Its always nice to give. With that if theres anything i can do to help you ready the thanksgiving tornado let me know. Whether it be buying bread or making a pie. I wore the hat you knit me today, it is very warm and stylish. Try not to get too overwhelmed, take it one day at a time, cause thats all life is gonna allow you to do. HA i feel like an old wise lady telling my own mother how to deal with stress, when im the one who handles it horribly. In anycase i love you very much......<3 ash


I also know what you mean about the RAOK experience. I think it is wonderful that has worked for so many to bring us more aware to other parts of our lives:) I don't think Kae and Steph realized that the thoughts would carry outside the group!
I look forward to continued reading of your blog!!


We're gonna miss you from the RAOK list, but I'm glad I still have in you in my group of kind and generous friends. :)

That's a good tip about the meat tenderizer for wool block. Haven't had issues with it yet... but I hadn't heard about the tenderizer/banana trick and it sounds like a really easy home remedy. Thanks for mentioning it.


Sorry to hear you're leaving the RAOK ring, but I understand the struggles you've had with it-- I feel the same way sometimes. I love fly lady-- I got away from it because we were doing so much work on our house it was impossible to keep up, but I'll check out the holiday list :) I'm thinking good thoughts for your rabbit-- it's good news that she's eating!


Hi Kim,
I can send you one of my stitch markers so you can see how I make them. I use head pins, string the beads, then wrap the head pin around a circular object (I use a pen) to make a circle, and twist the head pin around the base of the beads.


I'm happy to show you how I did my stitch markers through pictures if you want a step by step instruction manual lol!
I have some pictures of stitch markers on my blog - scroll down a bit to find them and if you like the look of them, give me a shout.

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