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Tuesday, November 30, 2004



I loved the book "Plain Truth". She writes a great story. Glad you had a nice holiday. That little Dora is as sweet as can be.Every time I see a picture of her, brings me closer to getting a new dog. I lost my Brandy(cocker) almost 2 years ago at 14 years of age. I still miss him everyday.


Ah, I hate getting into this issue because I feel so strongly about it!

Think about this: Insurance comapanies make more money if people breed. If you are on low cost or free birth control, you aren't breeding and can stay on it as long as you want. This is bad for insurance companies. They want more people so that their coffers increase.

I pay full price for my B/C pills, and gladly. I'd much rather be paying through the nose for birth control than pregnant! :) I'm just not ready for that...

And your family is lovely!


Looks like you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Glad you got in a lot of family time, and sounds like you are getting ready for Xmas too.

I told D all I wanted this year was a new house. ;) Not too much to ask, ya think?


Funny....I just got denied for birth control and I was thinking that it was a lot less expensive than a baby!!

I still haven't made my stitch markers. I am so lame. Things have been so crazy here. with building the house, and homeschooling. But I HOPE to have them done for Christmas!!

Oh, another thing about Viagra- the rate of sexually transmitted diseases has skyrocketed among the nursing home population, from what I hear....yuck!!


I see you are reading a book by Jody Picoult - she is quite an author! I've read several of her books and DD quickly grabs each as I'm finished.

Hey, I envy your skills with blogging - you do a very nice job! I can now get photos in the blog but I haven't figured out how to get a link to photo albums on the sidebar yet.



Lovely family (including the pooch) and you are very welcome for the stitch markers.
I don't get the viagra/bc thing either. You'd think that people running big companies like that would have more common sense....

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