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Sunday, September 05, 2004



Ugh! A kitchen has to be the hardest thing to renovate. Especially with FIVE kids around? Keep your eyes on the prize. You will find great joy in your NEW kitchen. :)


Hoping you got to enjoy some of the holiday weekend. I had family from Chambersburg visiting all weekend. I was fascinated with your tale of the bunny. I know absoultely nothing about spinning. I look forward to reading more about it.


Your socks look wonderful. I love your color choice - you can see BOTH the color patterning AND the cables - they came out really great!

I also have a bunny that has that kind of banding - one of Chris's - my littlest black buck, Pippin. I honestly do not get into the genetics like Chris does, and her explanation is MUCH better than any I could dredge up, but it does make for a very interesting yarn.

BTW: I clipped Christopher Robin last weekend and he did Sooooo very well. Held still very nicely, almost no squirming, and he had only a little mat behind his ears and a small one in his face foof. Lovely! Now, I just need some time to sit and spin!!!



Peter Hoppit is looking nice! And yes, I agree with you that he is a fawn. One thing about the non-extension gene which produces the fawns and tortes: they are lazy genes!! Translation: they are not entirely effective. The action of the non-extension gene is to remove the black color from the hair shaft. The fact that the gene is not fully effective is what produces the tortes. Smut is the usual result of that "lazy" action in the fawns but in Peter's case, you are seeing it in the rings. Yes, I've seen it before. And, to further confuse you, sometimes the gray band will be there and sometimes it might not be! So, enjoy spinning the fiber and don't worry about the gray band.


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