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Monday, August 30, 2004



What cute puppies!


Hey Kim, maybe you and I should compare "losing" notes. I've lost about 25 pounds so far, 10 pounds the first month or so, then the same 5 pounds the three months after that!!! LOL Enjoy dancing with that handsome husband of yours!!

As for the kitchen, I so sympathize! I'm writing this to the sounds of my handsome husband hammering away as he re-installs the doors he finally got painted. Now only 4 more doors to go, then he can start back on the walls in the upstairs hallway and by the front door. He doesn't dance either and my losing weight won't change that, but he's a darn good bunny babysitter as well as remodeler so he's a keeper!



My sympathies on the kitchen mess. We remodeled two years ago (although not the kitchen) and had to sleep in our sun room for a month - it was like sleeping in a goldfish bowl. But the end product is worth it. I've already forgotten the mess! Sympathies too on the humidity. We live on an island off the coast of Washington so we seldom have high humidity. It sure can drain the energy out of you! The puppies are precious. My husband and I have considered a King Charles, but the cost is discouraging us. But they are cute, cute, cute!


Hello, I stumbled across your web log and thought we had a lot in common, especially the need to try and do ALL fiberarts simultaneously! I have two looms, one of which is taking up my dining room table with a 3/4 completed table runner, I have an Ashford Traveler spinning wheel that is so buried in my yarn clost... I have been wanting to spin, but thought I'd wait until winter sets in. Oh! and the knitting! Please, there isn't enough room here to tell you! I sympathize about the kitchen remodeling, having endured that seven years ago in the heat of the summer! I live in Southern NJ...? Where do you live?? Not too far from what I gather... Anyhow, I have added you to my blogger list! :)


P.s to my above note... I was just telling my husband that your husband was from Pa. I went back and scrolled down your blog. Then I saw he was from Chambersburg. Of course my husband is curious now...lol. Our last name is Lehman. Feel free to drop an email.


Hi Kim,
We have a few things in common. My husband is from South Central PA (Chambersburg). I lived there from 4 years. Beautiful country...But, how I remember that humidity. I live over in the Seacoast of NH. We moved back here to NH three years ago. I just finished the Flower Basket shawl. I have a unblocked picture on my blog. I am hoping to block it next week.Good luck with your challenge and dust off those dancing shoes.By the way. Hope your daughter loves PSU, that is my Alma Mater.


Hi there, your bunnies are sooo cute. Do you sell them?? please e-mail me at pnjmichael@sbcglobal.net, thanks.


Yay Kim! Good for you!! Go for it!!! I'm sure your family is very supportive of your grand plans for New Year's Eve.

And it was SO great to chat with you the other night. Thanks for all your helpful advice. I will keep you posted on the interview prospects. :)


I just LOVE your Anne yarn. I have one skein that I've been foolishly "saving" for just the right pattern. I'll be curious to see what you make from yours. I don't care what anyone tells you, kitchen remodels are stressful. Here's what we went through last spring:

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